LOOP 3D joins the Champions League of industrial 3D printer manufacturers and becomes a competitor with a strong background in the 3D printing industry. LOOP PRO represents the newest, reliable FDM based 3D printing solution ready to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

LOOP 3D is an industrial grade brand created by TEKNODIZAYN – company with over 10 years of experience in the 3D printing industry as a reseller of leading brands and now also a manufacturer of LOOP PRO 3D Printer. LOOP 3D is a connection between the reliable hardware and solid software engine. With feedback collected for over a decade, TEKNODIZAYN’s team decided to create 3D printer that combines market needs of customers with their innovative engineering experience. In 2020, after a series of strategic decisions and printer launch during Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt, LOOP 3D begins the expansion of the global markets. Team behind the development of LOOP PRO 3D Printer is an ideal combination of engineers, technicians and developers who are vastly experienced through years in: operating, servicing and optimizing various 3D printers, traditional and additive manufacturing technologies including CNC Machining, FDM, SLS, SLA, MJF, 3D design and software development.


LOOP 3D enters the market with industrial grade DYNAMIDE® composite materials – reinforced with Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber. Machine offers a large build space – 500 x 350 x 500 mm with flexible build plate made of spring steel for quick model removal, laser supported calibration, easy to service modular printhead, closed chamber with HEPA and Carbon filters and among all – LOOP 3D grants excellent surface quality with its dedicated materials, high model precision (layer thickness between 50-300 microns) and repeatability thanks to CNC-milled unibody aluminum casting which minimizes vibrations. Material Conditioning Unit, that can be found in the lower part of the printer’s cabinet, controls relative humidity in the chamber and prevents material degradation due to moisture.

Dedicated LOOP 3D CLOUD slicing software is designed to be user-friendly and multitasking. LOOP 3D offers connectivity to manage multiple units remotely from a single workstation and the printing progress can be monitored via livestream option. Offline version is also available. LOOP 3D CLOUD is more than just a slicer – it is project management tool which can track printer’s lifecycle, store all file formats connected to complex models or 3D projects. User can create space for multiple customers and teams as well as for safe remote printer access, where user decides about access levels for the team or LOOP 3D Remote Tech Support.


LOOP 3D is a complete solution approved by companies related to heavy industry, aviation and even by government institutions that are already planning subsequent purchases. The first printers have already left the production lines. First beta model was manufactured in 2017 and the machine went through a series of improvements that lead to approving its final iteration that is ready to serve the demanding professionals. Thanks to Fleet Management feature it is possible to create a production line of end-use parts at a factory with LOOP PRO machines and utilize rapid in-house prototyping to turn ideas into realistic proofs of concept at a reduced lead time.


LOOP 3D’s headquarters in Ankara is surrounded by professionals from different industrial sectors who naturally became customers and beta testers of the project. This lead to cooperation with companies such as Hidromek the biggest automotive company in Europe in field of construction vehicles, who is using 3D printed parts for concept modeling and prototyping as well as for casting polyurethane parts to silicone molds in order to duplicate end-use parts to generate savings and accelerate manufacturing processes.
LOOP PRO 3D printer is also used by Lapis Aerospace making research and development in the area of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. As one of the beta testers of LOOP 3D, Lapis is using LOOP PRO 3D Printer for functional prototyping of complex parts which are difficult to make with injection moulding. Thanks to LOOP 3D’s DYNAMIDE® materials, parts are resistant to both heat and cold, which is important for aerial vehicles. Impact resistance of parts makes the material suitable for this type of applications. Next step that Lapis Aerospace is planning to take is larger volume production of strategic parts with multiple LOOP PRO machines.
Currently LOOP 3D team is a mixture of Turkish and European experts with broad background in engineering, design, sales and marketing with offices in Technology Park in Ankara and a new European office in Technology Park in Wrocław, Poland – these locations give unlimited possibilities in terms of development.

Mehmet Erkan Ustaoğlu, CEO and founder of Teknodizayn being asked about the difference between the other FDM industrial printers and market advantage of LOOP 3D said:
“This product is an output of over a decade of experience in 3D printing. Our team focused on every single detail which is important for the end users. From slicing to material loading, from removing printed parts to maintenance, the entire process was designed, upgraded and simplified. This makes our product unique and easy to use with high repeatability. In addition to the best tech specialists we have an excellent sales team that has recently been enlarged with a sales and marketing expert from Europe. We are ready to go global with LOOP 3D.”


Anna Bogusz

EMEA Sales Manager of LOOP 3D