Cloud Based Software

Use LOOP 3D CLOUD directly from the browser without the need to install any software

Fleet Management

Manage a fleet of LOOP PRO X printers from one workstation to print series of end-use models


LOOP 3D CLOUD is designed by users for users to accelerate the workflow

Intuitive User Interface

From intuitive touchscreen with graphic manuals to the software, we designed LOOP 3D CLOUD to use it effortlessy

Touchscreen Ready

Software is designed to be compatible with touchscreen devices

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor operations and progress of your 3d printed models with a built-in camera

Project Management Tool

Create a project or customer space and upload all computer file formats that are necessary to finalize the whole complex project. Manage and monitor all LOOP PRO X printers at your factory from a single workstation

Tracking Product Life Cycle

LOOP PRO X has a dashboard with a register of all print works, material usage and prints interrupted. Track your machine stats from day one

Remote Tech Support

Share LOOP PRO X dashboard with our Tech Support for instant assistance. Select access type and access time, we take privacy seriously


Advanced tool for slicing and fleet management

Dedicated software is the key to reliability and repeatability
All settings are designed and improved for software and hardware to work in a perfect harmony.



LOOP 3D CLOUD is a cloud based software. There is no need to install any software to start working on a model. Log into your LOOP 3D account and upload model directly from your computer or use drag and drop option. LOOP 3D CLOUD is touchscreen ready – you can use your computer, tablet or a smartphone.


When model is uploaded rotate the object into its optimal orientation for 3D-printing and start working on the model settings.


Powerful software engine designed with our experts accelerates all slicing operations. Check out the build preview, support structures, material usage, cost and printing time. Use extended settings for advanced users or create your own presets for third party filaments. When the model is prepared and sliced, generate the code and start printing.


You can start printing remotely from your workstation located in another building or office and control the printing progress with the built-in camera. Manage the whole LOOP PRO X fleet from your computer.

LOOP 3D Cloud partnered with 3DPrinterOS to provide the best user experience.