Chemical Vapor Smoothing


Chemical Vapor Smoothing

Compatible with
printing technologies

What is Chemical Vapor Smoothing?

The PostPro chemical polishing process is a process of combining various thermoplastic polymers. It is a physiochemical process that improves its surface. The operation is only is not limited to the visible surface. Complex interior of polymer parts It also polishes the gaps.

Thanks to its high level of controllability, PostPro technology provides repeatable results without any deterioration in the mechanical properties of the part.


Compatible with powder bed and filament based printing technologies.

Material Compatibility


TPU • TPE • SBC • PEBA • Ultrasint® TPU01 for HP MFJ printers

Hard Plastics

PA6 • PA11 • PA12 • ABS • Polypropylene • PC Arkema Rilsan Polyamide® 11


Glass Filled • Carbon Filled Nanocomposites
– Reduction in surface roughness
– Quality sealed surface
– The shrinkage reaches a maximum of 1%.
– The process provides parts with improved shore hardness, elongation at break and tear resistance.
– Reduction in surface roughness
– Quality sealed surface
– Increased functionality
– The process provides parts with improved ultimate tensile strength, take-up stress and elongation at break.
– More stamina
– Increased thermal properties
– Process advanced in parts elongation at break and ultimate Provides tensile strength.