At Rovenma, we produce electronic covers that are highly resistant to outdoor conditions. Our use of DYNAMIDE ® GF material enables us to achieve excellent quality. These covers are a crucial component in our manufacturing process.

> Large build volume

> Outdoor compatible material

> 500 x 350 x 500 mm build volume

> DYNAMIDE ® Materials

> Possibility to try different materials


Akın Köse

Senior Industrial Design Specialist at Rovenma

Mehmet Erkan Ustaoğlu

Founder of LOOP 3D

Rovenma Parcel Lockers
In 2016, Rovenma created Smart Parcel Lockers with a team of experts and now manufactures them at their facility. Rovenma is a company that utilizes advanced technology and has a consistent pattern of growth in all areas. This includes research and development, administration, production, and after-sales support. Rovenma is a technology and manufacturing company that strives to offer products with high value-added technologies. Their focus is on continuously keeping up with technological advancements and customer demands to position their products in markets worldwide.
With the help of LOOP PRO X, Rovenma is capable of manufacturing 200 units of 2 x 2 x 2 cm connector covers daily. Each cabinet requires 7 parts, enabling them to finish almost 30 cabinets within a single day.
Connector Cover Material: PETG
We were proud to work with Rovenma, an innovative and leading company, and contribute to their production. Moving forward, we strive to achieve even greater success by increasing our cooperation.
Rovenma was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating state-of-the-art smart cargo lockers. They specialize in producing prototypes and mass-producing locks and doors for cabinets that consist of over 1300 assembly units, using LOOP PRO X. The company utilizes various materials, like PETG, for their mass production needs. This results in cost savings by printing components that do not require strength. They have set up an electronic card production line for in-house production. As part of this, they develop and manufacture fixtures that help with typesetting and processing.

This electronic case is made of DYNAMIDE ® GF

material, which was specifically chosen for its

ability withstand outdoor conditions. With over

1300 items inside, it was important to ensure that

the cabinet would continue to function properly

even in harsh weather. Extensive testing was done

on various materials to find the right combination

of sealing temperature resistance, and strength.


Rovenma tried to use 3D printing to produce the

prototypes several times, but models melted,

stretched, and deformed a few hours after putting

on cabinets. Also, they had to divide and slice the

electronic covers into several parts due to the

printing parts layered and uneven surface

structure made it difficult to predict the final



Before committing to the injection mold costs,

they needed to examine a model that closely

resembled the final product.

Rovenma conducted prototype trials using DYNAMIDE ® GF material for electronic cases that are resistant to external conditions, specifically with the LOOP PRO X product.


In the cabinet, there are seven cover pieces that will be produced using injection molding due to the production numbers being suitable for mass production. The material strength and surface quality provided by LOOP PRO X have resulted in acceptable outdoor test results, allowing the company to confidently proceed with moss production.


Rovenma creates personalized products for businesses using high-quality materials on LOOP PRO X such as DYNAMIDE ® GF. By utilizing these materials, companies are able to showcase their cabinets to customers with a quality that closely resembles the final product. By conducting tests before receiving customer orders, Rovenma has been able to decrease production costs by 80%.


Rovenma achieves a 95% in-house production goal by utilizing LOOP PRO X

for creating prototypes, mass production

and machine fixtures.




> Large build volume

> Outdoor compatible material

> 500x350x500mm build volume

> DYNAMIDE ® Materials

> Possibility to try different materials