Boost your productivity

with LOOP PRO X Series

3D Printers

DYNAMIDE® industrial-grade composite

filaments allow you to print durable

end-use parts that can withstand very high temperatures where many other materials will yield around halfway. The 3D printed models are highly accurate, functional and look exceptional.

Made with high-quality components, LOOP PRO X 3D Printer enables you to use high-end technology at a fraction of the cost with the highest price performance ratio. No surprises, no hidden charges.

We offer hassle-free operation for all with a modular design that provides easier maintenance and reduces downtimes. Maintain the quality and mechanical properties of 3D printed models exceeding quality standards.

Build volume of 500 x 350 x 500 mm

allows printing large models in one piece

and low-volume multi-production.

Combination of CNC-milled unibody aluminum casting and specially engineered mechatronics ensures high rigidity, minimal vibration, outstanding dimensional accuracy and unparalleled surface quality.

Get consistent results with magnetic spring steel film to firmly embed the model on the surface and remove it fast when the job is done.

Modular electronic components

are designed to minimize

the damage of potential issues

without creating the need

for on-site technical service.

Functional Parts

Affordable Price & Low Running Cost

Plug & Play Maintenance

Large Build Volume

Plug & Play

Flexible Build Plate

Technical Informations


Aluminum Casting

Quickly Replaceable

& Easy to Maintain

Magnetic Spring Steel

Unparalleled Surface Quality

LOOP 3D Core

LOOP 3D Connect

HEPA - Carbon Filter


Calibration Check Tool


LOOP 3D Printhead

LOOP 3D Core holds the controller board

and the motor drivers of LOOP PRO X

3D printer inside. From heating to cooling, positioning to filament extrusion,

every motion is controlled by this box.

LOOP 3D connect is the brain of

LOOP PRO X Series 3D Printers and holds a micro-computer inside. This box provides the cloud connection, UI and the touch screen controls.

Built-in carbon filter gets rid of unpleasant odour released during the 3D printing process. Thanks to the filter, LOOP PRO X Series 3D Printers can be used in offices and working environments.

It enables checking build plate calibration with high precision and minimal effort. Swap it with the modular printhead, and you are ready to test and set build plate calibration with a slight adjustment to the calibration screws.

LOOP 3D extruder is the part that is responsible for pushing the filament to the printhead with high precision and a superior strength. The extruder module comes with attached high-end filament tube for low friction, precision and high quality prints.

It is designed to be durable and swappable for long term use and easy maintenance while giving you the prints with the best surface quality. Thanks to the hardened steel noozle, printhead is able to print the hardest materials with ease.

Technology & System

Physical Properties



Advanced H-Bot mechatronics with

double linear guideway

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Machine Interface
7-inch touchscreen display
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Remote Monitoring
Live video streaming with built-in camera
140 kg1.75 mm


Internet browser based

cloud slicing software

Yes.stl, .obj, .3mfAvailable upon request

Open Material


Relative humidity (RH<%20)

with material

conditioning unit

Build Volume (up to)
500 x 350 x 500 mm Aluminum - heated bed
Layer Thickness
100 - 263 µm
Default Nozzle Diameter
0.40 mm
Build Plate

Flexible - Magnetically attachable

spring steel with coating

Modular - easily detachable
Chassis Material
CNC - milled unibody aluminum casting
External Dimensions
770 x 610 x 1550 (W x D x H)
Printer Weight
Available Materials
Filament Size
Cloud Software (Default)
Fleet Management
Compatible File Formats
Offline Software
3rd Party Materials
Moisture Control
Carbon Fiber Reinforced PA6
Glass Fiber Reinforced PA6
Alternative to ABS
Copolymer of Nylon 6 & 6.6
Soluble Support Poly Dissolve